21 January 2014

The Colour Of The Trap Instrumentals (Promo CD)

Note: No original cover present. This was made by me.
To view the original CD, click here


Info: This CD was found by an eBay member in a record store bargain bin. It had no official cover, and the CD was not covered as usual, but was in fact hand written. The tracklist is slightly different to the album, and there are two tracks missing in the form of Counting Down The Days and Quicksand. However, we are lucky enough to have the additions of 4 b-sides.
The seller was kind enough to send me the files for the blog. Very nice man, thanks to him.
Some of the tracks have little extra bits in, such as Rearrange is counted in at the start, and at the end of Better Left Invisible, there is a bit of chat.